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From Nilufa and Xyannie: Send Us To Feminist Camp Campaign

Here is a message that Feminist Blogs received through the “Contact Us” form over the weekend, from Nilufa and Xyannie, two juniors from NYC iSchool. They write:

Hi! My friend and I are fundraising to attend the first ever annual one week Soapboxinc Feminist Day Camp. After taking Global Feminism this year, our amazing teacher, Ms. Jenkins, who taught the course, encouraged us both to enroll in it. It is the perfect opportunity for us both to continue that feminist fire that kindled within us when we first took the course. We are both really excited about it and determined to go, but the only thing holding us back was the price. Help us attend this camp by donating as much as you can and telling your friends and families about this campaign. We really appreciate it!


From Lindsey Port: Help get woman ski jumpers into the Olympics

Here’s a note that we received this afternoon from Lindsey Port:

Female ski jumping is not included in the Olympics and with this campaign we can make a difference!  If you could include this link, it would be great for woman all over to learn about this and cast their vote.

Please share this with your followers so we can end this nonsense and get woman ski jumpers in the 2014 Olympics!


The petition is online at

From Feminist Review: “I ♥ FR”: Feminist Review Kicks off Fundraising Campaign on Valentine’s Day

Here’s a note we received in the Feminist Blogs inbox early this morning from the Feminist Review:

From: Feminist Review

Subject: “I ♥ FR”: Feminist Review Kicks off Fundraising Campaign on Valentine’s Day

Date: 2/14/2010 02:14am

Contact: Michelle Madison

Dear Fellow Feminist Bloggers:

The community-driven web publication Feminist Review is kicking off a month-long fundraising campaign, “I ♥ FR,” this Valentine’s Day. The goal is to raise $5,000 – the entire year’s expenses – in order to keep the blog afloat.

Founded in 2006 by longtime activist and media professional Mandy Van Deven, Feminist Review is an entirely volunteer-run forum where readers discuss books, music, film, and other products from feminist perspectives. “Like many independent media projects, the loss of ad revenue has caused us to dip heavily into our savings. Now, despite the fact that the number of visitors to our site has doubled in the past year, we’re teetering toward going into the red,” informs Van Deven. “The I ♥ FR campaign is reaching out to those new readers to ask them to help us survive this recession. If just 50 people commit to making a monthly donation of $10 for the remainder of the year, we will meet our goal.” The campaign has already raised $200.

Committed to social justice, Feminist Review prides itself in being a non-traditional, woman-centered, inclusionary resource for readers around the globe. Please consider making an announcement to your readers about the “I ♥ FR” campaign. As a gesture of appreciation, we are happy to include a link to your blog in our list of supporters in the toolbar on the right side of the homepage.

To find out more about the “I ♥ FR” campaign, or to make a donation, visit

From the IWW: Union Baristas Condemn Rape of Starbucks Worker

This is a note we received this morning from a representative of the Starbucks Workers Union, a branch of the Industrial Workers of the World organizing Starbucks baristas.

From: Liberte Locke

Subject: Union Baristas Condemn Rape of Starbucks Worker

Date: 1 February 2010, 5:02 AM PST

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: IWW Starbucks Workers Union Contact: Liberte Locke, 917-693-7742

February 1, 2010

Union Baristas Condemn Rape of Starbucks Worker by Manager, Call for Overhaul of Sexual Harassment Training

On January 22, ABC aired a story on sex in the workplace, featuring an interview with former Starbucks barista Kati Moore. The TV segment has provoked widespread public debate about sexual harassment in the workplace. In the interview, Kati told her story of being raped multiple times by Starbucks supervisor Tim Horton when she was 16 years old. When public prosecutors became aware of the crime, they filed charges against the supervisor. For reasons that we cannot understand, Starbucks refused to condemn the rapist supervisor’s conduct. Rather than immediately firing him, they transferred Kati and paid Horton’s legal fees. However, even with access to Starbucks’ financial backing, Horton was found guilty of rape and served four months in prison.

In response to the coverage of this story on ABC, Starbucks issued an internal memo slandering Kati and claiming that she had consented to sex with Horton, even though Horton has already been found guilty of rape. As members of the IWW Starbucks Workers Union, we are disgusted that Starbucks management continues to not only tolerate sexual harassment and rape, but actually supports and backs known perpetrators and openly attacks those who have the courage to speak out.

We are disgusted, but not surprised. Kati Moore’s story is not an isolated incident. Our union frequently hears from Starbucks workers all over the United States who have not been taken seriously by the company when they report sexual harassment to management. Either through lack of action or a refusal to keep complaints confidential, Starbucks has time and again either blamed the victims or completely ignored those who have reported sexual violence in the workplace.

We demand that this come to an end. Everyone has the right to a harassment-free workplace. So far, Starbucks has fallen far short of providing this environment. We call upon the company to fix its broken sexual harassment policies by immediately instituting mandatory classes for all employees about sexual harassment, by keeping the identity of sexual harassment complaints confidential, and by no longer blaming the victims of sexual violence at the workplace.

If you have been a victim of sexual violence, either while working at Starbucks or any other company, there are resources available for you. Call the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network at 1-800-656-HOPE. Your call is free and completely confidential. You can also contact the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, or get in touch with the IWW Starbucks Workers Union.

The IWW Starbucks Workers Union is a grassroots organization of over 300 current and former employees at the world’s largest coffee chain united for secure work hours and a living wage. The union has members throughout the United States and Canada fighting for systemic change at the company and remedying individual grievances with management.

Union baristas, bussers, and shift supervisors have fought successfully toward improved scheduling and staffing levels, increased wages, and workplace safety. Workers who join the union have immediate access to co-workers and members of the community who will struggle with them for a better life on the job.


The Starbucks Workers Union has also published a statement of solidarity with Kati Moore which includes a detailed discussion of the case, and the following suggestions for those who want to support Kati Moore and make sure that the Starbucks corporate office is held accountable:
What Can You Do to Support Kati and Hold Starbucks Accountable?

  • Tell everyone you know about Kati.  Feel free to repost this statement or a link to it anywhere you like.  We’d appreciate an email to let us know you did.
  • Join the Facebook group, “Kati Moore is a Hero”, and show your support for her while receiving updates about the case, and announcements of actions done to support Kati.
  • Email Starbucks’ Business Ethics department at
  • Fill out a comment card, available at Starbucks, mail your thoughts to the company.  It’s postage paid.
  • Call Starbucks customer relations hotline at (800) 235-2883 to voice your support for Kati.

What Can We Do as Workers at Starbucks?

  • Fill out a mission review and send Starbucks your thoughts on this
  • Help spread the truth to your coworkers.  Starbucks is doing the best they can to silence any workers talking about Kati and what she’s gone through.  You have the right to discuss these issues and can’t not be silenced just because they don’t want to hear about it.
  • Refer coworkers to this statement
  • Join the Facebook group in support of Kati – Kati Moore is a Hero
  • Stories have been coming in about Baristas putting up notes at work in support of Kati.  Some workers have started wearing “Stop Rape” pins on their uniforms.  Get creative.
  • Stand up for each other.  Lend support for your coworker if you know they’re going through a similar experience.
  • If you’ve experienced sexual harassment at work and want support, feel free to contact us anytime.  Everything will be confidential and we will never do anything in your name without your consent. Resources for those affected by sexual harassment and/or assault:

*  You can call the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network at 1-800-656-HOPE. Your call is free and completely confidential. Also, online at

*  If you are facing sexual harassment at your workplace, Sexual Harassment Support is an excellent resource for fighting back against it.

*  You can also contact the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) if your workplace is in the United States.  Website:, or by phone, 1-800-669-4000

*  If you’re in Canada, the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Canada Labour Code protect against harassment in the workplace.  Learn more at

*  If you are having a hard time finding resources in your area for support you can email and we will try to help you with finding local assistance.

Natural Liberty Abortion Book Now Licensed Under Creative Commons

Natural Liberty: Rediscovering Self-Induced Abortion Methods

This is a note we received from the Sage-femme Collective through the Feminist Blogs contact form on 9 November 2009:

From: Sage-femme Collective
To: Feminist Blogs Web Team
Subject: Natural Liberty Abortion Book Now Licensed Under Creative Commons

Natural Liberty: Rediscovering Self-Induced Abortion Methods, 2008, by Sage-femme Collective is now available for free download under the Creative Commons.

To view or download:

Sage-femme Collective seeks to encourage discussion and educate on the dangers of restricting abortion access. We seek to provide information on the various historical methods of self-induced abortion, so the fundamental inherent right to abortion can be deeply appreciated. Our book, Natural Liberty, is also a detailed and well-cited resource regarding the safest methods of self-induced abortion. Natural Liberty focuses on providing women with the specifics regarding techniques and methods of self-induced abortion. With knowledge and education, women have shown that together we can provide safe abortion services when abortion services are restricted. Natural Liberty is a detailed resource that helps to provide the knowledge and education for women to secure safe termination of an unwanted pregnancy if the political climate does not recognize a woman’s right to a safe abortion.

Grace Coddington is Worried About How Young and Thin Models Are

This is a note we received from Jill Weiskopf at New York magazine through the Feminist Blogs contact form on 21 Ocotober 2009:

From: Jill Weiskopf

To: Feminist Blogs Web Team

Subject: The Cut: Grace Coddington Is Worried About How Young and Thin Models Are’s The Cut blog attended Grace Coddington’s talk at the New York Public Library last night during which the Vogue creative director answered some tough questions about Ralph Lauren’s recent Photoshopping debacle and too-thin models in general:

“It is a big problem,” Coddington admitted. “I remember when I was young, they told me that if I didn’t lose weight I’d be out of the show, so I spent a week living off of coffee. But I’m a very levelheaded person. These problems nowadays are with kids much, much younger than that, and that’s most of the problem — when they’re very young and vulnerable.” Coddington feels Ralph Lauren is shouldering an unfair amount of the blame: “Most of his models are not super-skinny, so this is sort of an isolated situation, and I think it’s unfair if he gets a lot of bad publicity because of it. But it is a big problem in the fashion industry. And you go to meetings to discuss it, and you think it’s kind of futile, because it’s such a big thing, and in the end, people are always asking for more and they’re always asking for thinner.”

Read on at

An anonymous correspondent’s thoughts on PepsiMax’s “Be a man. Make stuff.” ad campaign

This is a brief note we received from an anonymous correspondent through the Feminist Blogs contact form on 14 August 2009.

From: Anonymous user

To: Feminist Blogs Web Team

Subject: PepsiMax ads

What’s up with the PepsiMax ads “Be a man. Make stuff.” running on gawkermedia sites (lifehacker, gizmodo, kotaku)?

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From NOW: “This Saturday, Call It Rape Outside Movie Theaters”

Sent to the Feminist Blogs Web Team by the NOW National Action Center on October 6, 2009:

Get In The Streets! Tell Hollywood Rape IS Rape.

Was it rape, or was it rape? How about rape-rape? Does it make a difference when a convicted criminal pedophile and international fugitive happens to go by the name Roman Polanski?

In partnership with PAVE: Promoting Awareness, Victim Empowerment, NOW urges all women, men, daughters, sons, sisters and brothers to join nationwide rallies outside movie theaters this Saturday, Oct.10, to support survivors of sexual violence and hold perpetrators accountable for their crimes.

Your participation is needed to send a strong message around the country:

  • It’s unacceptable that someone is sexually assaulted in the United States every two minutes
  • It’s outrageous that sexual assault victims are consistently second-guessed, and no wonder that an estimated 60 percent of sexual assault victims don’t report the crimes against them
  • Women will not allow sexual assault to be belittled and ignored any more!
To participate in a rally, please see this list of confirmed cities and locations. To organize a rally in your own city, please e-mail Rape is Rape for an action kit and further assistance.

More Information

Rape IS Rape Official Web Site

Rape IS Rape Online Petition, GoPetition

Who signed the petition supporting Polanski?, SACD

Save the Women’s Choice Clinic of Oakland

Sent to the Feminist Blogs Web Team by Heather Tidrick on behalf of Save the Women’s Choice Clinic of Oakland on April 11, 2009:

When poor women stop having access to decent reproductive medical care because of state economic irresponsibility, it’s a tragic and downright embarrassing violation of their human rights. It’s time to rally behind the nation’s oldest feminist health clinic, which is closing its doors because it can’t afford to pay its rent.
OAKLAND — The Women’s Choice Clinic of Oakland — said to be the nation’s oldest feminist health clinic, one that has provided abortion and reproductive health services in the Bay Area for 36 years — is closing its doors because of the economic crunch and painfully slow Medi-Cal reimbursements from the state, the clinic’s director announced Tuesday.

“We haven’t been able to make our rent payments,” said Linci Comy, Women’s Choice Clinic’s executive director, who has been with the nonprofit since 1977. “We’ve been waiting for the checks from Medi-Cal and they’re not forthcoming. To balance the state budget, California has frozen payments for services already provided, and for us, that is a fatal decision. With that and issues of the economy, it all came down on us in March. Our landlord let us know we have to be out in a couple of weeks. We’re looking at bankruptcy.

“It’s just devastating, and really serves as a wake-up call,” she said. “Can the community of Oakland really meet the needs of health care here? If you’re on state funding, you deserve quality care. But where are you going to go?”

The clinic, which has been on 14th Street across from the federal buildings the past six years, opened in 1972 as an independent feminist women’s clinic with a mission to provide quality, affordable reproductive health care.

“A feminist clinic means it’s woman-centered care with the idea of informed consent, putting women in charge of their reproductive health functions,” Comy said. “It’s a philosophy about quality of care, education and respect. You can’t make good decisions without the information.”

In its more than three decades, the clinic served more than 64,000 clients and had been seeing about 2,000 clients a year.

“Women’s Choice Clinic was a safe haven for underserved women, a place where women knew they would receive health care with dignity,” said Destiny Lopez, executive director of ACCESS, which connects poor women around California to reproductive health information and services. “This is truly a sad day for Oakland. We are losing an independent community clinic that made comprehensive reproductive health services available to all women.”

The Women’s Choice Clinic has been known for its work with teens, and the lesbian, gay and transgender communities, as well as with clients for whom English is a second language. The clinic has also been known for accepting women on state aid or who didn’t have insurance to cover medical treatment, Comy said.

“More and more women are unable to pay for services,” Comy said. “Ten years ago, it used to be that half of our patients were on state funding. Now, it’s been 90 percent. That really speaks to the poverty of women.”

As a medical center, the clinic is required to maintain health records for seven years. So they’ll still need space for storage of records, and an office to maintain records requests. Clinic workers hope someone will come forward with an offer of space.

“We will not be able to provide health services anymore, but we plan to continue to be a presence through community outreach and sex education projects,” Comy said. “I’m just not yet sure how or where that will be.”

If anyone has office or storage space, or other offers of help, e-mail

To get in touch with other activists working to support the Women’s Choice Clinic and to find out more about what you can do to save it — including a petition, an open letter to Governor Schwarzenegger, letters to the editor of newpapers throughout the country, and direct offers of support to the clinic — join their Facebook group: Save the Women’s Choice Clinic of Oakland.

Our Bodies, Ourselves Women’s Health Heroes Contest

Sent to the Feminist Blogs Web Team by Our Bodies Ourselves on April 1, 2009:

From: Our Bodies Ourselves
To: Feminist Blogs Web Team
Subject: Our Bodies Ourselves Women’s Health Heroes Contest
Date: 1 April 2009 12:34 PM
Please distribute.
When you hear the words “Women’s Health Hero,” who comes to mind? Your 9th grade health teacher who taught you about sexually transmitted infections? The midwife who sat with you through 15 hours of labor? The young Nigerian activist you read about who’s working to end gender discrimination in her country? Or maybe the neighbor who counter-protests at the abortion clinic every Saturday morning?
Whoever your heroes are, we want to know about them! We’ve created the Our Bodies Ourselves Women’s Health Heroes awards to honor those who make significant contributions to the health and well-being of women. It’s a great way to publicly recognize people who make a difference in your life or the lives of others.
Nominations are now being accepted. Please visit for more information.
Contact Wendy Brovold, Communications and Marketing Manager at or 617-245-0200×13 with questions.
All apologies if you receive duplicate e-mails.

Our Bodies Ourselves 5 Upland Road #3 Cambridge, MA  02140